Locking back

I looked at my posts this year again. When I was reading Marlis Egger 's blog, I thought about my year.
I have not written much about how things were with me the first 6 months in 2009, but I realized again the great frustrations that I carried with my part-time job.
  • The best thing I have done was quitting my job in spring! Now I only still working as a freelance director in the adult education course and with a creative group of women.
  • In July, I attended the workshop with Nancy Crow and I have so many new impressions and met so interesting creative women.
  • Next, I attended a workshop in September with Jette Clover in Ticino. Jette has done me so well with what she has told me so. These two workshops were so different and yet they have brought me back to the "creation".
  • I have applied to the EXNA in Neuchâtel and in January I may now send in my transparent quilt.
  • Almost every day I write my morning pages for bringing my thoughts in the right direction. This tool has helped me enormously to overcome my frustrations better. Unfortunately I was not so consistent with the "walking tours".

Now I have taken my ideas / goals / resolutions for 2010, and wants to make them public. To be creative will be my prime goal.
  •   I will produce a weekly quilt next year. The size should be A4 (21.5 x 30 cm) and if possible in a series. Theme and technique should be free. I hope it will stimulate me to try new things, techniques. Since I often work in square, it should be rectangular.
  • I want to register for 1 to 2 quilt-challenges or competitions.
  • I would like to be recognizable and tray to work in series.
  • Bringing the wall object with the women's group in the neighboring village to a success in spring.
  • New networks with other creative women to build and develop.
  • Having much joy and fun with my husband Daniel.
  • Going on an interesting yourney to Sweden in summertine.
  • Writing my daily morning pages, and in addition to aqua-fit walking at least 2 times a week. 


I really hope that you have the time to visit me. You are welcome to stay in my house.
heidi hat gesagt…
Hey Gunilla, that would be great meeting you in summer. I'll keep you informed by mail. Heidi